Come and Worship!

Sundays   8am & 10:30am​

Come and Grow!

Thanks for a great year of Christian Formation!  We're looking forward to a great summer, too -- VBS, summer camp, youth group goes on.

Come and See!

Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness

Come and Be!

All are always welcome

We are the Church, the Family of God growing here in beautiful Valley Lee. We hope you'll join us!


The fact that you're here is an indication that you are (or would like to be) in relationship with St. George's. And, I suspect, what you really want is to be in relationship with God - to know Him through the freeing love of his Son, Jesus Christ. That's really no different from the Church itself.

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Worship is central to our life at St. George's, and we take seriously what our sign says: "The Episcopal Church Welcomes You." We believe that worship is fellowship - fellowship with God, and fellowship with one another.

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Connect with the life of this Christian community via newsletter, calendar, and upcoming events.

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St. George's is a place of renewal because so many people -- wealthy and not-so-much, married and single, those with small kids and others with grandchildren faraway -- give generously of their prayers, time, and financial resources.  Our mission is to give, not receive, and that's why we give thanks for those who support our work with their generosity.  Become a part of this movement, too; click to learn more about discipleship and giving!

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Parish Life

POKEMON GO AT ST. GEORGE'S - Churchyard in Valley Lee a Pokestop!

Plenty of people wander around St. George's churchyard, from time to time, generally visiting gravesites or stopping for quiet prayer.  These days, though, St. George's is also where folks are seeking out the infamous Pikachu or searching for Squirtle or trying to find Piplup, too!  Don't know what these are?  (Don't worry!) It may just mean you're not near someone who's playing Pokémon Go -- the newest, interactive experience of the worldwide fad.  And St. George's churchyard is a Pokéstop.   All those playing GO! are completely welcome at St. George's -- the churchyard and the church -- and, in fact, feel free to stop in the parish hall or church for some ice water, down time, or just to chat.  Happy playing!

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SUNDAY BREAKFAST - Sunday, August 21 from 8:45 to 10:15am

Come for church and stay for breakfast, or come for breakfast and stay for church! On Sunday, August 21, from 8:45 till 10:15am, St. George's serves a fellowship breakfast -- a delicious addition to your worship life, and a nice opportunity to meet those folks who worship at "that other service"! All are welcome.  A donation of $8 for adults, $5/kids is welcome and helps offset expenses.

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STEPPING INTO THE COVENANT - Collaborative Institutional Relationship with Ascension, Lexington Park begins

In June, St. George's Vestry unanimously voted to adopt the Collaborative Ministry Covenant (click above) between St. George’s and Ascension, Lexington Park.  The Covenant envisions a collaborative future and provides structure so individual parish identities will be maintained.  Each Vestry has appointed representatives to the Joint Executive Committee (JEC).  From St. George's are senior warden, Bob Ertter, and vestry-member Mike Mead.  From Ascension are wardens Karol Wolgemuth and Tom McCarthy.  Both Greg Syler and Melinda Artman have input to the JEC.  The JEC is examining pastoral roles and duties, discussing how best to expand worship opportunities, and looking into how administrative tasks can be shared.  The respective Vestries and congregations will be updated.  We ask for your insights so we can mutually shape God's collaborative future.  Above all, we commend this to your prayers and expressions of devotion, both for this community and the mission to which God in Christ calls us boldly.

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