Give by Check, Cash

Many people contribute monthly or weekly by writing a check or donating cash to St. George's.  There's a time for an offering of gifts in every worship service because we believe that giving, too, is part of our prayer life.  If you're just sticking your head in the door for the first time or simply passing through, your presence, alone, is a gift!  And if you've come, maybe, two or three times and you'd like to be in deeper relationship with God and this church, fill out the Welcome! card in your pews -- that'll let us be in touch with you.  There are giving envelopes in the pews if you don't have a set yourself.  And if you'd like a set of envelopes -- so your gift can be recorded as tax-deductible -- contact the parish office at your earliest convenience.  Some people have their bank to an automatic check transfer, and that works, too.  St. George's mailing address is P.O. Box 30, Valley Lee, MD  20692-0030.  Thank you.

Give Online

Give to St. George's - FaithStreet

Another option is to give online via the secure web-based server of FaithStreet.  Click on the button, above, and FaithStreet can set up the rest for you.  You can use your credit or debit card, or your checking account, and be assured that the transaction is safe, secure, and will get to St. George's books!  Thank you.